How To Save Money On HVAC Services

Fewer words cause panic in a homeowner than the need for HVAC (acronym for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) services, be it plumbing, heating, air or electrical. For those who have experienced poor quality work from HVAC contractors, their experience has caused them nightmares of any plumbing, heating, or air conditioning problems.

Fortunately, with a little maintenance, most major problems can be avoided. Following are some HVAC tips to help you save your money.

Being cautious of what you put down the drain or disposal can help prevent many, if not most plumbing problems. For example, run a small amount of ice down the disposal to break down build up in pipes and do not place non-food items in any of the sinks in your home.

Before each cold season, It is recommended that your heating system get a professional tune up. This is the biggest step to preventing major malfunctions in your heating system. Homeowners should periodically change filters, check for water leaks, and check for funny odors or smells. This is essential for safety reasons.

(Service and Maintenance Contracts are available for your piece of mind)

Before each hot season, it is recommended that central air conditioners get a professional tune-up This is the biggest step to preventing major malfunctions in an AC unit. The next most important step that can be done by a homeowner is to clean or replace the air filter every month.

(Service and Maintenance Contracts are available for your piece of mind)

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